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Home Automation Systems is a reality that is being spread, and is really requested day by day. A reality that customers are demanding. And FERMAX gives you the chance to have a new business oportunity.

Multifunction videodoor entry system.
The new FERMAX monitor becomes the Home Control Center, allowing the user to manage the security system and home automation system

Permanent connection to home using the mobile.
In order to have all the information anytime, anywhere, all around the world. Even it is possible to send commands to the home itself and control all the electrical appliances.
2 wires installation ready to work.
Because, we are faithful to our philosophy, we have developed an advanced and complex equipment, but easy to install and manage.

Multimedia presentation
A controlled home from the mobile and always alert.

We present the top of the range kit, our recommended option. One product that offers, using KIT philosophy, the possibility to have a more secure and confortable home, even being away from home.

1 Online video door entry system, with touch screen and keypad to arm/disarm and setup the system.
3 presence sensors.
2 automation relays.
1 GSM modem to manage SMS messages.
1 Outdoor panel with camera and door lock.
The system can be upgraded with more detectors ( for instance, water and smoke technical alarms) and with more relays ( electrovalves, etc.) It is possible to install additional monitors in the house ( with Video Intercom system functionalities ).
Apartment kit Ref. 3480
Villa kit Ref. 3486
Apartment kit Ref. 3483
Villa kit Ref. 3477
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