FERMAX has developed five technologies for audio and video entry systems:

Analogue System (multi-wires and call-wires per handset)

1+N System(audio wire and call-wires per handset)

ADS System (audio data system)

BUS 2 System (audio data system)

MDS System (multiplexed digital system)

  Technical manual CityMax   
An item employed in practically all urban constructions, the door phone is basically comprised of outdoor panel which is installed in the area of the hall or vestibule of the building and connected to a telephone installed in each of the dwellings.

  ADS system technical manual. Installation diagrams.   
Set of diagrams where you will find an introduction to the use of the equipment making up an electronic door control or video door control system carried out with an ADS SYSTEM, as well as the most usual layouts, with a brief description of operation and information about the materials needed.

  Vision systems. 5 wires without coax video system.   
The VISION 5 system can be installed using an old, previously installed entry system, or else by carrying out a new installation.

  MDS Basic Programming Manual   
MDS Basic Programming Manual

  MDS technical book   
The main feature that makes MDS systems special is that they need no call wires, so the installations are BUS type, with only one cable rising through the building, interconnected with the decoders, in which the terminals corresponding to each floor are connected.