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Big Condominium with several general entrances, guard units and no limits in the number of blocks or internal units.

MDS System in general entrances combined with ADS System in interior blocks
MDS System in entrances combined and interior blocks

Village or residential complex of single family houses with partitions with entrances and general accesses. For audio installations:
MDS System in general entrances combined with AUDIO ENTRY KIT (Conventional System 5 wires)
For video installations:
MDS System in general entrances combined with Video Entry Kits ( 3 + coax system)


ADS telephones and monitors require to be programmed with the corresponding number of each apartment. The speech from the panel is totally private to the called handset.


Step 1: Connect the monitor (or telephone)
Step 2: Put the switch to the PRG position
Connect the cables to the connection plate fixed on the wall and hook the flexible connector of the monitor.

Put the switch J1 to the PRG position. A confirmation call will be heard and the audio channel will be set with the external Panel.
Step 3: Push the door number pushbutton
Step 4: Put the switch back to original position
Push the corresponding door number pushbutton (or dial the corresponding code if case of Direct or Digital Keypad System).
Monitor is programmed.

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